[4 Steps]How To Clean Bearpaw Boots?

How To Clean Bearpaw Boots
Do you wanna know how to clean Bearpaw boots?

Winter months call for warm suede or leather boots to beat the chill. We often invest in classy and trendy suede or sheepskin boots for winter fashion. These are high on the style quotient while giving great utility in the winter months. However, wearing Bearpaw boots in winter snow and rain also calls for proper cleaning to preserve their life.

Cleaning leather boots is easier than Bearpaw boots. We all know of several leather cleaning creams and oils that can help. But, when it comes to Bearpaw boots most of us are clueless. Suede uppers are not very easy to clean using traditional methods. Look at this guide to learn how to keep your favorite, expensive Bearpaw boots in brand new condition always.

What are Bearpaw boots?

Bearpaw boots are comfortable and protective winter boots made of the suede upper body with an inner lining of sheepskin. The woolly interiors keep you warm and comfortable even in chilly winters. They are designed keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions in the winter months. The soft inner soles protect the feet while the rubber outsoles give you good traction and protection. However, it is difficult to clean the suede body and the woolly inner linings that may smell bad after a few uses.

Why is suede difficult to clean?

Suede is the underside of the skin extracted from an animal. The upper part of the skin becomes leather, and the part that stays just above the skin is suede. It is a soft and smooth material that is thinner than leather but equally durable. But, since this is a soft material, it is difficult to clean it without as you run the risk of damaging the fibers while doing it.

How to Clean Bearpaw boots in easy 4 steps:

Follow these 4 steps to learn how to accomplish this job perfectly.

1. Cleaning the outer surface

  1. Use a suede brush to comb the small fibers in the material. It helps to raise the nap and brush off the dirt trapped inside. It keeps the material soft because you are not applying any harsh force to remove the trapped dirt particles. At the same time, this suede brush cleans the invisible dirt settled between these microfibers of the suede material.
  2. Start the procedure when your boots are dry.
  3. Brush in one direction with the suede brush to remove the trapped dirt.
  4. Some areas may need vigorous brushing if they are dirtier.
  5. Brush your boots every time you wear them to make it easier to clean. Brushing often helps to remove the dirt and debris regularly without making them sit stubbornly.
  6. Next, itโ€™s time to give them a wet sponge. Do not wet the suede uppers with running water or soak them in a tub.
  7. Sponge the outer surface by dipping it in water and squeezing out the excess. You can also use a soft, moist cloth to clean the suede surface without making it dripping wet.
  8. Pour a few drops of special suede cleaning solution on the damp cloth and rub it to work up a lather. Use this to clean the outer surface of the damp shoe evenly. Be careful not to touch the inner sheepskin lining with this solution. You can easily find a Bearpaw shoe cleaning kit online on any shopping portal.

Here are some cleaning kits of our choice:

BEARPAW Boot Care Kit Clear
BEARPAW Boot Care Kit Clear
  • After you have cleaned the surface with the cleaner, wipe the suede surface once again with a wet sponge once or twice. Ensure that you do not leave any lather or cleaner on the surface anymore.
  • Never pour the cleaner directly on the suede surface.

2. Cleaning the sheepskin lining

sheepskin lining
  • Use the same wet sponge method to clean the sheepskin interiors. But this time, you must avoid the suede cleaner. In its place, you should use a special sheepskin shampoo. It helps to remove the dirt, sweat, and bacteria in the sheepskin.
  • Once you use the shampoo to clean the sheepskin interiors, again use a damp cloth to wipe off the shampoo and lather. Repeat it once or twice to leave the interiors completely clean.
  • Also, do not directly put the sheepskin shampoo inside the shoe and ensure that while cleaning the interiors, the shampoo or the lather does not touch the suede surface.
  • Do not rinse the insides with running water or soak them to remove the shampoo and lather.

3. Drying the Bearpaw boots

  • Dry the boots naturally without using heat. Put them in a well-ventilated area.
  • You can stuff newspapers or paper towels inside the boots to speed up the process. It also helps to prevent them from losing their shape.
  • You can also hand them on a boot stand to dry all the parts thoroughly.
  • However, remember not to put them directly under the harsh sun or use a blow dryer. This can be very harmful to the sheepskin and damage them completely.

4. Protecting the Bearpaw boots

After cleaning the boots properly by following the above steps, it is now time to ensure their protection. Cleaning is necessary to keep the boots in new condition for years and prevent smelly insides. But, ensuring protection extends their life, and you can use them for a long time.

  • After drying the boots properly, use a stain and water repellent spray to protect them.
  • It is essential to prevent stains on the surface of the boots. The spray also repels dirt and mud as much as possible. It makes the cleaning process easier the next time you do it.


How to Clean Bearpaw Boots with Vinegar?

It’s a very easy process you can do at home… Take white vinegar in a clean and dry pot. Dip a napkin in the bowl to soak the napkin with white vinegar and clean the muddy parts of the boot rubbing gently. Then soak the napkin with water and do a complete cleaning. Voila! now you just need to dry it. Either blow-dry it or put it under the sun.

Are Bearpaw Boots Waterproof?

waterproof bearpaw boots

Yes. Some of them. Like this one: https://amzn.to/34Hgm8U

Can I wash Bearpaw Boots in the Washer?

It’s highly discouraged not to do it. Cause it may damage the boot surface or even can make changes to the shape or size.

If you love your Bearpaw boots, the above steps are vital to maintaining their performance and appearance. A little care surely goes a long way in this case. The process is a bit tough and time-consuming, but you can do this much to protect your beloved boots. Find the best Bearpaw boots cleaning kit online for the best cleaning procedure. The products in these cleaning kits are made to suit the suede and sheepskin materials. They make the process easier and remove dirt, tough stains as well as bad odor. 

If your Bearpaw boots smell like fish then I guess after reading this article your problem will be solved!

Here are our recommendations for some good cleaning kits:



If you are interested in cleaning your Bearpaw boots this video might be interesting for you!

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