[10 ways] How To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots?

Sweating is the natural mechanism of our bodies. But, it becomes a problem when we start sweating in our work boots. So, most of us have this question at the back of our minds- How to keep feet dry in work boots.

We may think that regularly changing our work boots will help solve the problem. However, we happen to still sweat in our work boots. To help you out, we will tell you how to keep your feet dry in work boots.

How to keep your feet dry in work boots?

How To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots
  1. Wear breathable shoes
  2. Use antiperspirants and powders
  3.  Use antiperspirants and powders
  4. Wear socks
  5. Antibacterial soap
  6. Clean your work boots
  7. Shoe inserts
  8. Air your work boots
  9. Stuff paper
  10. Stock insole

· Wear breathable shoes

If you work for long hours, it is natural to sweat in your work boots. You can also sweat during hot weather. With the increasing temperature of the body, your sweating will increase. However, if you wear breathable work boots, your sweating will decrease.


You can look for breathable work boots that come with a mesh lining that eliminates excessive moisture. Your feet will be able to breathe properly. In case you are wondering how to keep sweaty feet dry in work boots and what kind of materials you can look for in your work boots, then go for leather.

You can also wear non-waterproof and non-insulated shoes. But, breathable shoes are the best when it comes to keeping away sweat from your feet.

· Use antiperspirants and powders

Antiperspirants and powders can be found in any drug store and local pharmacy. They enable you to prevent sweating in your work boots and absorb any moisture. This is how you can keep your feet free of moisture and without odor.

But do not make the mistake of mixing powders with antiperspirants. It can create a bad effect when mixed together. You can select what suits you the best.

Use antiperspirants and powders for keeping feet dry in work boots

If you use an antibacterial powder, it can reduce the smell that can happen due to your sweaty feet. It is essential to wash your feet properly before you apply powder on them and wear your work boots. As a result, your feet will be able to remain dry. Moreover, you can sprinkle some powder on your work boots.

Antiperspirants are also useful when you think about how to keep feet dry in work boots. You can choose whichever kind of antiperspirants you are comfortable using. For instance, there are regular gels and sticks.

You can coat or spray some antiperspirant on your feet and work boots to keep them dry throughout the day. It can also remove bad odor from your feet. Before your wear your work boots and spray some antiperspirant on your feet, make sure your feet is clean.

· Wear socks

You may think that with socks you will sweat more in hot weather. However, the truth is that using Use moisture-absorbent Socks & Inserts helps to soak up whatever sweat comes from your feet. In addition, they help in reducing bad odors.

Avoid buying socks of different materials. For the purpose of keeping your work boots dry, you can select wool socks and cotton ones in winter and summer. You must also keep in mind that you need to change your socks every day in order to prevent sweating.

best socks for keeping feet dry in work boots

· Antibacterial soap

If your feet are in bad condition, they will tend to sweat more, which will create moisture in your work boots. What you can do is clean your feet with warm water each time you put down your work boots. There are antibacterial lotions and soaps that prevent odor from your feet.

· Clean your work boots

It is important to keep your work boots clean as that can help manage your sweaty feet. Work boots are often durable, so you do not need to think about cleaning them often. In case you use shoe inserts, you need to remove them and use a mild detergent to wash them. After they dry off, you can wear them. Drying is another essential part of cleaning your work boots as it will keep your sweaty feet at bay and remove odors.

clean your work boots to keep it dry
A brush is used to scrub away chemical agents from the boot of an Airman assigned to the 307th Bomb Wing, Mar. 2, 2014, Barksdale Air Force Base, La. During the March Unit Training Assembly, the wing held an Ability to Survive and Operate exercise, which evaluated the Airmen’s ability to survive and operate in a chemical environment. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Greg Steele/Released)

· Shoe inserts

In case you have work boots that lack in-built inserts, then you can buy shoe inserts that are suitable for your work boots. For instance, if you are wearing a work boot that has tall heels, then you can make use of the tall inserts for keeping your feet dry. For low-heeled and mid-heeled work boots, it is better to choose the inserts with mid heels. And, for lacework boots, you can cover your work boots with an extra sock.

Best Shoe Insoles for keeping feet dry

· Air your work boots

If you want to keep your work boots dry, use air. You can do this by airing your work boots before you wear them. Besides, you can keep them on a table or shoe rack to dry out. In case you have a window, make good use of it with sunlight filled with UV rays for killing any bacteria present in your work boots.

air dry work boots

· Stuff paper

You can use a newspaper or paper towel and put them in your work boots. It will help to keep away moisture and not let sweat escape. As a result, your feet do not get damp and your socks do not get wet.

stuff papers in shoes to keep feet dry

· Stock insole

Your work boots may have stock insoles that may not keep your feet dry. You can therefore replace your stock insoles with new ones. Bamboo and charcoal stock insoles are the best in this regard. These stock insoles along with suitable socks can keep your feet free of sweat and dry.

Tips on how to keep feet dry in work boots

Some of the top tips that you can follow to keep your feet dry in work boots are as follows-

  • In comparison to cotton socks, merino wool dries faster. It is, therefore, suitable as a material for your socks especially if you live in hot and warm weather conditions. You can also wear poly-blend and polypropylene liners along with your merino wool socks.
  • You can even wear synthetic linings with your work boots. They dry out quickly.
  • You can try waterproof work boots. It will help to keep away moisture from your feet and keep them dry.
  • You need to wear inserts and socks that absorb moisture. As a result, you will be able to keep away unpleasant odor from your work boots as these socks and inserts will absorb all your sweat
  • Another pro-tip by which you can keep your feet dry in work boots is by drinking a sufficient amount of water. It will help you to avoid sweaty feet and keep your work boots dry and free of odor.
  • An antiperspirant lotion or powder can absorb the sweat from your feet, absorb all the moisture, and keep your work boots odorless.
  • You can take off your socks and work boots for some time as it will help them to dry out so that when you wear them, your feet also remain dry.
  • An antibacterial spray is useful for keeping your shoes clean and also helps to eliminate any dampness that arises due to sweat.
  • Your feet must be in perfect condition in order for them to stay dry in your work boots all throughout the day. For this, you need to wear work boots that fit properly.


Wearing work boots will make your feet sweat. But, it can give off an uncomfortable feeling. In order to avoid such a feeling, we are here to help you know how to keep feet dry in work boots. There are plenty of ways by which you can keep your sweaty feet dry in your work boots. For instance, you can wear breathable work boots, use powders and antiperspirants, wear socks, use antibacterial soap, clean your work boots, use shoe inserts, and stock insoles.

Additionally, there are some other tips that you can follow to keep your feet dry in work boots. For example, you can use an antiperspirant spray or lotion for your feet so that they remain dry throughout the day. You can also take some breaks while you are working so that your work boots can remain dry. Staying hydrated is also another solution to maintain dry and odorless feet.

If you wear waterproof work boots, they will be able to keep away any moisture in the form of sweat or water. You can clean your work boots with a bar of antibacterial soap as another way to keep your feet dry in your work boots during the day.

Sweaty feet can not only be uncomfortable but can also produce bad odors. To prevent such a thing from happening, you can make use of all the tips that we have provided above. They will help you to keep your feet dry and free of all kinds of odors. Moreover, by wearing properly fitted and breathable shoes, you keep your feet healthy. Just keep on changing your shoes and socks every other day in order to clean and dry them out properly.


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