How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots – 8 Tips

Sweating in work boots is a common problem that many people face. Thankfully, there are several methods on how to stop feet sweating in work boots. These methods include:

  • Using a spray deodorant or antiperspirant spray on your feet.
  • Wearing socks while wearing closed-toe shoes.
  • Applying a foot powder or anti-bacterial powder will reduce sweating and bacterial infection.
  • Medicated insoles also work wonderfully to keep sweaty feet at bay.
  • Wearing work boots best for sweaty feet.

Let’s know in detail about the methods to keep your feet dry all day long.

Sweaty feet – why do feet sweat in working boots?

You might have noticed that a lot of people avoid wearing boots because of sweating. Sweating can be an issue for people who need to spend long hours on their work boots. Whenever they remove the shoes, the feet feel wet and smelly.

If you don’t know how to solve the issue, there are many considerations on how to stop your feet from sweating in shoes. While sweaty boots may not sound that harmful, it is the ideal breeding ground for several types of bacteria and fungus, resulting in infections.

However, sweaty feet can indicate other health complications that people tend to overlook. But why do our feet sweat?

Your work environment can heavily influence the condition of sweating. If you work in hot, humid conditions, it is most likely that your feet will sweat. Moreover, general conditions such as hyperhidrosis, which cause the sweat glands to keep producing sweat. Even if you have a remaining foot condition such as the athlete’s foot, it may lead to excessively sweaty feet. Sometimes, various cardiovascular diseases can make your feet sweaty.

For these health conditions, visiting a professional is mandatory. However, if you don’t have these conditions but still suffer from sweaty feet, you may try the following advice.

Tips on how to stop feet sweating in work boots

How To Stop Feet Sweating In Work Boots
How to get rid of sweaty feet
  1. Maintaining foot hygiene
  2. Wearing all-weather boots
  3. Using medicated insoles
  4. Using antiperspirant sprays
  5. Wearing a good pair of socks
  6. Using feet powders
  7. Improving general health
  8. Keeping the boots dry

Good hygiene and usage of certain products can diminish sweating effectively.

How to get rid of sweaty feet:

  1. Foot hygiene – keeping your feet clean is a must. Your feet remain under a lot of pressure and heat during work hours. Cleaning them with a suitable product can help reduce sweating. Washing your feet once each day will certainly help. Anti-bacterial soaps or liquids are great for keeping your feet clean.
  2. All-weather boots – If you constantly need to work in hot and humid weather, then you may choose something else while shopping for a new pair. There are some types of boots that work well in all types of weather. These are anti-sweat boots, so you can wear them in any weather and forget about sweating. Several brands make breathable work boots for sweaty feet using materials like canvas and others, letting the air pass through your boots and dry them naturally.
  3. Use medicated insoles – You can consider some specialized treatments if you’re looking for ways on how to keep feet dry at work. Medicated insoles are there to help you. Put these soles in your shoes and let them absorb all the sweat and wet feeling from your feet in no time. Moreover, some even come with fragrances, which won’t let the smell come out.
  4. Antiperspirant sprays – Most of us have used antiperspirant sprays to keep underarms sweat-free, then why not use them for feet? Antiperspirant sprays designed for feet work the same way, thus giving you sweat-free feet at the end of the day. You can use the foot spray on your feet and inside the boots before wearing them. Your regular deodorant or antiperspirant spray will also work if you are on a budget.
  5. A good pair of socks – Choosing the right pair of socks can make a huge difference if you face sweaty feet issues. Socks act as a layer that separates your feet from the inside of the boot. If you look for the best socks to keep feet dry in work boots, you’ll find plenty with good absorbency to keep your feet dry and eliminate the smell. Some socks come with anti-bacterial properties to prevent germ build-up on your feet. Moreover, make sure to change socks every other day.
  6. Feet powders – Feet powders also show the same properties that antiperspirants do. Many people use the powder to observe a longer-lasting effect than sprays. To make the best out of these powders, choose one that has anti-bacterial ingredients. Put some powder on your feet after cleaning and before wearing socks. You may sprinkle some inside your shoes, too for a better effect. They are a little less expensive than foot sprays, which is also a reason people prefer them over sprays. However, too much powder can make your feet powdery.
  7. Improve general health – In many cases, people observe sweaty feet due to some health complications. Several cardiovascular diseases and weight disorders can contribute to excessive sweating.  Losing weight can help you reduce sweating by taking off the excess pressure on your feet. Improving your diet is a good method to keep your body relaxed, hence less sweat. Drinking warm water on hotter days will improve hydration and contribute to less sweating.
  8. Keep the boots dry – During your work hours, both of your feet experience extreme stress and heat, and as a result, end up sweating. So, as soon as you’re done wearing the boots, take them off. After that, keep them under a bright light, or a boot dryer to let them dry and evaporate the sweat. Doing so will not only keep your feet protected against sweating and fungal infections but also make the boots last longer. If it’s daytime, then take the insole out and keep them under sunlight to dry them quickly. Try not to keep them in direct sunlight for long hours, as that may damage the leather. Also, you should take the boots off whenever you have the chance to let your boots and feet dry.

Best socks to keep feet dry in work boots

Best socks to keep feet dry in work boots

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Best Antiperspirant Spray for Sweaty Feet

best Antiperspirant spray for sweaty feet

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Sweaty feet can be very uncomfortable and also provide a good spot for fungal invasions. Knowing how to stop feet sweating in work boots through these tips will eventually leave you with dry feet every time.

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