What Is A Metatarsal Guard? Everything you need to know

Here you can find precise and vital information about what is a metatarsal guard and how it protects you from workplace hazards. 

Before discussing a metatarsal guard, it is crucial to understand the metatarsal region and why it needs protection. The metatarsal area is the most vulnerable area of the feet and refers to the bones extending from the toes to the ankle. These bones are prone to injuries and may fracture easily upon impact and pressure. 

So, what is a metatarsal guard? It is a protective attachment made of steel, aluminum, or lightweight composite material to shield the metatarsal region of the feet from fractures. 

metatarsal guard attachment enhances your regular steel toe protection a few notches higher by shielding the entire metatarsal region rather than just your toes. They work similar to steel toes and resist the impact of heavy objects dropping on your feet but cover the instep of your feet, thus doubling up the protection. 


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Why Are Metatarsal Guards Necessary?

Safety boots are an indispensable part of personal protective gear necessary for workers involved in risky jobs. Professions like construction, warehousing, transportation, mining, etc., pose potential threats all the time. Such dangerous professions require workers to have safety boots on their feet to minimize accidents. 

However, most workers are unaware of the features essential for optimum protection in their daily jobs. Not many people have adequate knowledge regarding what are metatarsal guards and what do they do

A lot of modern protective footwear for the workplace usually comes with an external metatarsal guard or an internal metatarsal guard. These provide total protection to the feet and resist impact from injuring the bones. Boots with a metatarsal guard attachment are life-saving and keep you safe and protected at the workplace, preventing fatal injuries that are quite common in these heavy-duty jobs. 

How To Lace Up Metatarsal Guard

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When Are Metatarsal Guards Required?

People involved in professions that pose a high risk of feet injuries require good quality safety boots. For instance, if you take a box and drop it on your toes from a height, you will probably wince slightly. Now imagine if a hammer or a heavy steel bar lands on your feet from a height. If you need to work around heavy machinery and sharp-edged tools, or if your job requires you to move heavy shipments, the chances are that these objects may accidentally roll or tumble on your feet. Such massive impact and compression may crush the bones in the metatarsal region and leave the part of the feet fractured. Sharp-edged objects may even pierce through the top of your boots, causing grave injuries.

Steel toe and composite toe boots have served as safety work boots for a long time, shielding the toes from being crushed under the impact under such accidental circumstances. But, as footwear technology advanced, it was realized that steel toes do not provide ultimate protection to the feet, as the significant part of the metatarsal region remains unprotected.

Therefore, this was when metatarsal guards were designed to shield the entire upper foot region from impact. These attachments are made to resist high impact and fortify your feet from potential accidents. Even if an iron bar accidentally collapses on your feet, the metatarsal guard does not let your feet feel any bit of the impact. This makes metatarsal boots an indispensable part of ultimate personal protection at the workplace.   

What Is A Metatarsal Guard

What Are The Types of Metatarsal Guards?

Metatarsal guards come in two varieties- internal and external. Both of them provide the same amount of protection from injuries due to impact and protection.

Internal Metatarsal Guards

An internal metatarsal guard goes inside the top leather surface of the boots and extends from the end of the safety toe to nearly the ankle. These steel or plastic plates cannot be noticed externally and provide heavy-duty protection to the feet all the time. However, the only drawback is that they make the boots heavy and stiff.  

External Metatarsal Guards

These attachment guards are made from impact-resistant plastic and can be fastened or laced up externally on the upper portion of the work boot. They are often pre-attached and encased in leather pockets for better appearance and added protection from sparks and flames. They appeared unappealing in the past, but modern external met guards generally do not have that problem anymore. An external metatarsal guard is better for those who find the other variety heavy and expensive. External MetGuards are often cheaper and can be laced up on any regular safety toe work boot.  

Final Words

Almost all popular footwear brands, especially those producing the bestselling line of work boots, have the most efficiently designed metatarsal boots in their collections. Choose ultimate protection for your feet if your job demands so and double up your confidence and performance.

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