Top-Rated 5 Best Tree Climbing Boots In 2023

Climbing a tree is one of the risky jobs. Without proper skills, there is a risk of serious injury. However, wearing the right pair of boots is important for tree climbing professionals.

Ordinary boots will not be the perfect choice for tree climbers. The best tree climbing boots can keep your feet safe from pain and fatigue. Tree climbing may be a hobby for some of us.

Still, it is essential to wear boots of premium quality. We have well researched the most popular tree climbing boots on the market.

These are versatile boots, as you may wear them for several other purposes. Lets go to know about these shoe.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Tree Climbing Boots?

Specially designed tree climbing boots are advantageous to you in different ways.

  1. Make your climbing easier – While wearing a pair of tree climbing shoes, you will easily be able to climb up the trees. These boots will sustain your weight, and that’s why you can move around without a hassle.
  2. Make you feel safer – The best tree climbing boots are available with some safety features. You will not find these features in your regular boots. Boots for tree climbers ensure protection against falling objects, water, and cuts from chainsaws. Some boots also have a steel toe, waterproof uppers, and a metatarsal guard for protection. These metatarsal guard boots will give you ultimate protection.
  3. Ensure a high level of traction- Tree climbing shoes have a special outsole for higher traction. Your feet will feel the best grip while climbing trees. The slip-resistant outsole will also be safe for walking through surrounding terrains.
  4. Give you comfort- The high-quality tree climbing boots have better comfort features, as they will reduce strain and pain on your feet.
  5. Breathable and weatherproof- Tree climbing shoes have weatherproof and breathable materials. Your feet will protect your feet from the wetness of the ground. The shoes will wick away moisture and keep your feet dry.

Is Tree Climbing Risky?

Safety should be the top priority of professionals engaged in the tree climbing profession. There are several incidents of on-the-job injuries and deaths of tree climbers.

Thus, the moment you set your foot on a tree, you have to be aware of potential threats. Arborists, tree climbers, loggers, and several other professionals in the relevant field must wear safety shoes.

The most common hazards of tree climbing are:

  • Slips and Falls
  • Trips
  • Falls from height
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Heavy objects falling from a height
  • Inappropriate use of cutting equipment due to human error
  • Ladders slipping
  • Rope burns

Top rated Tree Climbing Boots:

  1. Carolina Linesman 10 Inch: Best water-proof tree climbing boots
  2. Merrell J1161710.0 Moab Vertex MID WP CT: Most durable tree climbing boots
  3. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6 Inches: Tree climbing boots with the best safety features
  4. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Boot: Best tree climbing boots with high stability
  5. Viking Men’s Spiked Forester Caulked Boot: Tree climbing boots with superior traction

We have well-researched branded boots with innovative designs. We have picked the 5 best boots for tree climbers by analyzing customer reviews and ratings.

Image Product Details   Price
Best-Tree-Climbing-Boots Carolina Linesman 10 Inch Best water-proof tree climbing boots Check Price
Most-durable-tree-climbing-boots Merrell J1161710.0 Moab Vertex MID WP CT Most durable tree climbing boots Check Price
Tree-climbing-boots-with-the-best-safety-features Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6 Inch Tree climbing boots with the best safety features Check Price
Best-tree-climbing-boots-with-high-stability Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Boot Best tree climbing boots with high stability Check Price
Tree-climbing-boots-with-superior traction Viking Men’s Spiked Forester Caulked Boot Tree climbing boots with superior traction Check Price

1. Carolina Linesman 10 Inch– Best water-proof tree climbing boots

Best Tree Climbing Boots


Sole Rubber
Water-proof liningYes

Carolina has designed a pair of highly durable and water-proof shoes for tree climbers. Customers have not made any major complaints, as the product has maintained quality for several years. You can put on these boots while doing your regular tree climbing tasks.


  • Comfort

The dark brown tree climbing boots are highly stylish. To ensure your comfort, you can adjust the lace while putting on the shoes. Moreover, the steel shank enables your feet to fight against fatigue. The break-in period is minimal, and that’s why several tree climbers are pleased with these shoes. Due to the composite toes, the shoes are lightweight.

  • Durability

The overall construction is solid and lasts long. The durable Vibram soles are also water-resistant. Thus, your feet will have no chance of getting wet. The undersides of the boots also resist puncture. The cork harness leather uppers ensure sturdiness and ruggedness.

  • Safety

One of the major safety features is the hardcore steel shank. You can save your feet from hazardous conditions. While walking through the forest to climb trees, your feet will be safe.

Other workers can invest in these Carolina shoes to ensure protection against electrical hazards. The shoes can endure 14,400V of electricity.

An Amazon customer said, “These are highly stylish dress boots. I bought this new pair of boots after several years. Some other boots are of cheaper quality. But, I have not found any issue with Carolina boots”,


  • Water-proof
  • Lightweight boots
  • Removable footbed
  • Welt construction


  • Slightly small

2. Merrell J1161710.0 Moab Vertex MID WP CT- Most durable tree climbing boots

Most durable tree climbing boots


Sole Vibram
Water-proof liningYes

Merrell is known for manufacturing high-quality shoes for hiking and tree climbing. Professional tree climbers always like to invest in long-lasting footwear.

While analyzing customer reviews, we have found these boots highly durable. A pair of brown boots with orange accents can show a highly elegant style.


  • Comfort

Being made of leather, Merrell tree climbing boots can give you the ultimate comfort. The cushioned design is another feature making the boots comfortable. Moreover, there are rubberized EVA midsoles, which are effective for shock absorption.

The specially designed bellows tongue can make your boots watertight. They also keep in preventing the access of debris to your shoes.

There is also an impermeable membrane to seal out water. The innovative design helps in escaping moisture.

  • Durability

Every part of the boots has high durability. Merrell M Select™ GRIP rubber used for outsoles is durable and ensures good traction. You will feel the grip while climbing the tree. Moreover, the non-metallic hardware is also of high quality.

  • Safety

The tree climbing boots provide you with comprehensive protection. The heat-resistant outsoles are one of the major protective features. Like other work boots, these boots have rubber outsoles resistant to oil.

The molded nylon arch shank also protects your foot from hazards. Hikers may also try out these composite toe work boots. Their feet will not feel fatigued.

An Amazon customer said, “I have pleased with these boots. I use them while climbing trees, cutting grass, and removing junk. I like Merrell shoes, and it is my 4th pair of boots from the brand.”


  • Water-proof technology
  • Durable sole
  • Protect from outdoor hazardous
  • Rubberized mesh ankle
  • Ensure high comfort


  • Longer break-in period

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6 Inches- Tree climbing boots with the best safety features

Tree climbing boots with the best safety features


Sole Rubber
Water-proof liningYes

Several industrial workers have chosen Timberland Pro boots. Tree climbers and arborists may also prefer this pair of boots. Tree climbing and tree cutting can cause several risks. Thus, to keep your foot safe from injuries, you can put on Timberland Pro Endurance boots.


  • Comfort

You can wear these boots for prolonged hours, as they ensure a high level of comfort. Timberland has used special anti-fatigue technology to design these boots.

The technical features also help in absorbing impacts. These shoes will make you feel good due to the single-density contouring footbeds.

The open-cell polyurethane provides a high level of malleability. The premium-quality footbeds will also give comfort to your underfoot.

The footbeds are removable, and you can replace them with secondary pads. Another interesting feature is the Cambrelle lining, which makes your feet comfortable throughout the season.

Thus, you do not need to be concerned about your cold feet in winter. Similarly, the lining helps in wicking away moisture during the summer months.

  • Durability

The premium leather is used for the boots’ uppers. Several customers have claimed that these shoes are abrasion-resistant and durable with high fiber strength.

Moreover, the tongues have added a style to the boots while protecting your feet from tighter laces. The padded scholars also enable you to put on the shoes easily.

  • Safety

Timberland has maintained ASTM 5413-05 and ASTM 5512-05 safety standards for these boots. The innovatively designed tree climbing boots are puncture-resistant. When your boots touch sharp tree-cutting objects, nails, and scrap metal, they remain undamaged.

The rubber outsole is lighter, and you will not feel bulky. The steel cap also has a heavy-duty design to ensure protection. Electricians, firefighters, and welders can try out the footwear from Timberland.

An Amazon customer said, “I have chosen the 9.5 D size, and it is my second pair of shoes. Although I wear them occasionally, I have found them comfortable. The thick polyurethane footbed has satisfied. The toe protection is also reliable.”


  • Abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology
  • Optimal performance
  • Aggressive tread patterns
  • Insulated and water-proof


  • Outsole- Not heat-resistant

4. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Boot– Best tree climbing boots with high stability

 Best tree climbing boots with high stability


MaterialLeather and synthetic
Sole Vibram
Water-proof liningYes

Although Lowa Renegade has designed the shoes for hikers, tree climbers can wear them for regular uses. The solid underfoot stability, tall ankle cuff, and high durability are major reasons for choosing the boots.


  • Comfort

The form-fitted shoes will make you feel comfortable. The felt and foam insole with the premium leather upper will give the best feelings. 

The forefoot has a slight upward curve for better ergonomics. There are 2 upper hook eyelets, 4 lower eyelets, and a central lock. You may also replace the original laces with larger laces.

The classic-style boots have a breathable and waterproof membrane. While the ground is wet, your feet will not feel discomfort.

  • Durability

Manufacturers have used multiple pieces of leather to make the uppers. The seams are properly stitched. While moving through rough terrain surfaces, these boots are a perfect choice. Users have found no signs of wear and tear to the Vibram Evo soles.

The polyurethane midsole design has minimized the weight of the boots. The overall design is robust and saves your foot from injury.

  • Safety

The all-around traction has made the boots safe for tree climbers. Lowa has used Vibram for the outsoles of the shoes. The tread pattern has created stickiness, and that is why you will find it advantageous while climbing trees.

Moreover, you will feel safe when you walk over snow and soft dirt. Due to the tall height, the boots will secure your feet.

An Amazon customer said, “I have used Lowa Renegade boots earlier, and this one has also pleased me with comfort. I have replaced my large neoprene boots with this footwear. The stability and water-resistant design have satisfied me.”


  • Climate-control footbed 
  • Derby-style lacing
  • Soft leather lining
  • Good cushioning
  • Comfortable


  • The lace is short.

5. Viking Men’s Spiked Forester Caulked Boot– Tree climbing boots with superior traction

Tree climbing boots with superior traction


Sole Caulked
Water-proof liningNo

We have chosen uniquely designed tree climbing boots. The spiked boots look different and are specially designed for tree climbers. The tall boots have a beautiful combination of black and orange. However, we have focused more on the spikes at the bottom of the shoes.


  • Comfort

Made of styrene-butadiene rubber and natural rubber, these boots have become highly popular. The best fact is that the material is chemical-resistant.

To ensure your comfort, manufacturers have added a polyester lining. Professional arborists, tree climbers, loggers, planters, and timber rafting professionals can invest in this boots.

  • Durability

As it is a pair of rubber boots, you will find no issue with durability. Laces and metal hardware are also strong. The base is equipped with a sturdy reinforced heel. Manufacturers have designed a perfect pair of caulked boots with rugged construction.

  • Safety

You have no risk of slip and fall, as the sole of the shoes has a spiked design. You can safely climb up the tree. Replacements for spikes (also known as caulks) are available.

An Amazon customer said, “They fit like a glove, and I like these boots. I think that they are comfortable to wear during bad weather.”


  • Durable
  • Caulked boots
  • Ensure a proper fit


  • Not insulated

Guide to buying the best tree climbing boots

You have already read the reviews of the high-quality tree climbing boots. But, without a guide, you cannot pick the right one. To buy the right pair of tree climbing footwear, you have to focus on-

The water-resistance capacity of the boots

You may need to walk over the wet grounds in the forest. To prevent your feet from getting wet, you can look for water-resistant boots.

Some high-quality tree climbing boots have the Gore-tex liner. The material used for the liner helps in repelling water. It does not interfere with the breathability of boots. The liner also ensures protection from rainwater.

Comfort features

How much comfortable is your footwear? Discomfort in your toes and heel can prevent you from working efficiently. That is why you must choose boots, which make you feel comfortable.

Moreover, while walking through the rough terrain, the shoes have to protect your feet. The cushioned boots are the right choice for your feet. The pad beneath your feet will make you feel cozy.

It is important to note that climbers find it challenging to climb down the trees. This activity causes much strain on their feet. Without an EVA midsole, your climbing boots will not be comfortable.

A proper footbed ensures natural comfort. Your shoes will have a foot-friendly environment. But, it is better to choose a breathable footbed. During the summer season, your feet will not feel sweaty wearing these shoes.

Balance and Traction

Your feet can fall and slide if you have not chosen the right footwear. Boots have to stick to your toes. Moreover, you must feel the grip with every stride.

To ensure a proper balance, your shoes must have a high-tech design. Check the details of your shoes to know about the traction and balance.

Boots with durable rubber soles provide you with a good level of grip. Rubber is elastic and will increase grip to a significant level. Furthermore, boots with rubber outsoles are highly balanced.

Breathability of your boots

Tree climbing is a strenuous activity, and it may generate more sweat. Your feet will also become sweaty. It will be annoying to climb trees with sweaty feet.

Thus, you can invest in a pair of breathable boots. There must be a mesh liner with the boots. The best lining is a fabric with micropores. The small pores let your sweat escape out very easily.

Durability of your boots

The most important factor for buying the best tree climbing boots is durability. Thus, you have to check the materials used for the boots. Boots with rubber and nylon webbing are the right choice. But, there are options for boot materials.

  • Leather

The most commonly chosen material for tree climbing boots is leather. Leather boots are durable and provide you with a number of advantages. The most important thing is that these boots are breathable and promote air circulation.

Moreover, the material has the capacity to maintain proper air circulation. It will absorb moisture while keeping your feet dry. Thus, your feet will be free from odor and bacterial growth. Leather boots are mostly aesthetically pleasing, although they are costly.

  • Nylon

To get lightweight and breathable footwear, you can invest in nylon boots. Nylon is not less rigid than leather. Very often, they have mesh panels and encourage airflow. Your feet will be dry while you are working throughout the day.

  • Rubber

Rubber boots have gained attention due to their water-resistant capacity. They resist abrasion and ensure a high level of durability. One of the demerits is that rubber boots are slightly heavy. Moreover, as they are not easily customizable, they can interfere with your comfort.

Other Important Factors for Buying Tree Climbing Boots

Inner space

Your feet must stay healthy and need to maintain a natural movement. Too tight boots will cause restrictions, and you cannot move your feet freely. Thus, while buying the boots, you have to check the space inside them.

Purpose of buying the boots

Some buyers overlook this step, and ultimately, they cannot purchase the best boots. You have to choose the footwear which is best for your tree climbing purposes.

Boots for tree climbers may not be the perfect choice for bikers. Thus, select your boots carefully to get the best value from them.


Do not underestimate size while buying your tree climbing boots. You have to order the accurate size to ensure a perfect fit. Sizing problems will make you feel discomfort.


Some shoes are best for summers, while others are perfect for winter. It is better to choose boots with an insulated design. You can wear them throughout the year.

Terrain choice- Does it matter?

We know that your major focus is to climb up and down a tree. But, how will your boots perform when you move through different terrains.

Therefore, never overlook this factor while buying a pair of tree climbing boots. The grip factor is also relevant to the terrain choice.

Your boots have to provide you with superior grip in every terrain. They must not cause problems while you climb on rocky terrain.

Another important thing to note is the water-proof feature. You cannot climb on any wet terrain. Thus, it will affect your potential to climb trees.

What Are Tree Climbing Boots?

Arborists, tree surgeons, tree climbers, and other professionals in a similar field need to put on special boots. Although you wear tree climbing gear, boots play a protective role. While wearing the compatible footwear, you may attach a spike without feeling discomfort.

Some important features of tree climbing boots are steel toes, flat heel, and front grip. Steel toes will keep your foot safe from hard impacts and chainsaw accidents. Moreover, the flat heel prevents you from slipping accidentally.

Arborist boots are also useful in other situations. Tree climbing boots are available in a range of models. You may use them for hiking, construction works, and mountaineering purposes.


How will I take care of my tree-climbing boots?

To make your tree climbing boots long-lasting, you can purchase some important accessories. For instance, you can buy oil boot conditioners. Boots for tree climbers are mostly made from leather. Thus, you may maintain the leather boots by applying the conditioner. The specially formulated oil will be the best condition for your leather shoes. Your footwear’s leather will remain soft, and there will be no risk of cracks. Moreover, you can invest in a water-proofing seal to keep your feet dry and warm.

What type of toes is best for my tree climbing shoes?

Tree climbing boots are available with different toes- steel toes, soft toes, and composite toes. However, some buyers feel confused while choosing the toe types. Tree climbers can wear shoes with any type of toes. But, soft toes can be the perfect choice for most of them.

Should I use additional accessories with my footwear?

Yes, you can choose some accessories to wear along with your tree climbing footwear. For instance, you can put on socks with your boots. Moreover, you can attach your shoes with the spikes. While climbing up and down the tree, you do not need to use a ladder.

Do the special boots make my tree climbing task easier?

Yes. The innovatively designed climbing boots will let you climb the trees. While climbing tall trees, you will feel a proper grip. Quality boots have the right level of traction, and that’s why you can choose them for your tree climbing purpose. The best boots are also more breathable than normal footwear. Thus, you can look for boots, which reduce your fatigue and discomfort.

Does the weight of the boot affect your performance?

Yes. One of the major factors for boot buyers is the weight of the product. While climbing on trees and mountainous terrain, you do not like to put on heavy boots. Lightweight boots do not use metal for your foot protection against impact. However, they use composite materials, including Kevlar, plastic, and carbon fiber.  

What are mid-rise boots?

These mid-rise boots have a stylish and sleek design. Designed for outdoor activities, these boots maintain the best performance. Most of these boots include rubber outsoles and provide optimal traction. You will have better control while moving through rough terrain and harsh surface. Mid-rise boots have a compact design to keep your feet comfortable and dry while the ground surface is wet. These boots have an EVA midsole with a lightweight design. Tree climbers can wear them when it is snowy, cold weather.

Can the mountain hiking boots be used as your tree climbing boots?

You can use your mountain hiking boots as your tree climbing footwear. These boots have a unique structure and include foam padding. You may wear them for long hours without discomfort. The durable boots will give value to your investment.

Sum Up

Inappropriate footwear can make your feet tired within a short time. Thus, you have to be careful about choosing the best tree climbing boots. There is a large range of non-protective and protective climbing boots.

However, you have to check their features to make the right decision. Your boots must have the optimal grip to ensure a perfect balance. You will also feel safe due to the good level of traction.

Moreover, it is important to check the sole quality of buying climbing boots. Other significant factors are breathability and waterproof membrane.

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