How To Break In Cowboy Boots?: 9 Easy And Effective Ways

How To Break In Cowboy Boots?

To Break In Cowboy BootsThey (don’t ask who) say good boots take you good places but what on earth should you do if they make you limp. The overly frustrated feeling that a pair of new cowboy boots can present is hard to overlook. From the blistered hooves to the straight-up irritation they cause when you try to break in your cowboy boots – understandably, you want to ARGH!

If you have come across the right pair of cowboy boots (which the Lord knows, is a task in itself), something that is extravagant, voguish, and made for you specifically (well almost made for you). The major drawback is they don’t fit you how you would have wanted. Why the heck do they feel so rigid?

But, we have got good news for you. Regardless of being hard and tough (trust us, it will last you ages) there are ways that you can effortlessly strut in your cowboy boots. Here are some of the ways that your cowboy boots can fit you like a pair of gloves. Intrigued? Let’s, get started.

How To Stretch Cowboy Boots in InStep?

First things first, wear them regularly. You might feel pissed by the tightness of the boots but place your trust in our wisdom. No matter which material is used to design your cowboy boots they will stretch perfectly to fit your feet. Are you ready to ride to put on your sexy, cowboy boots and kick some monster ass?

Sock It Up

Who doesn’t own a pair of socks? Now, is the time to make them count. Put on two pairs of socks, (you heard us, two) the pressure created by your dual-layered socked feet will stretch the leather and you will be able to increase the height and width of your boots. Don’t overdo this trick by wearing more than two socks. The end result can be blisters. Try this hack when it is a bit warmer during the day. This will ensure the cowboy boots are more pliant.

Bring Out The Conditioner

You have to endure some pain before you can cherish the glory of your cowboy boots. Don’t rush for you will end up damaging the beauties. Your cowboy boots are made of leather and when you try to stretch them too quickly, it will develop cracks and the appeal of the boots will be ruined.

The best way to prevent this and still stretch your leather boots is to use a leather conditioner. This will soften your boots and help the leather to stretch smoothly. Using a leather conditioner is the fastest way to get the task done.

Another advantage of using a leather conditioner, it will keep your boots waterproof.

Just Steam-It

If you’re constantly fretting about how to break in your cowboy boots then take a few deep breaths and calm down. The best part about this hack is you won’t have to spend a penny and the task will be accomplished. For a customized fit, make sure to follow the instructions.

  1. Using a garment steamer and in case you don’t have one make the most of your kettle.
  2. Direct the steam coming out of the steamy hot water kettle or the garment steamer towards the interior of your boots.
  3. Do this for a couple of seconds.
  4. Keep the steamer away from the boots and stretch the region you find rigid with your finger.
  5. What do you feel? Is it structured and firm to touch? Repeat the steaming procedure for 15 seconds more.
How To Break In Cowboy Boots using steaming
How To Break In Cowboy Boots?
-steaming takes care of it

You will feel the region transform into soft, flexible, and warm. Put them on and walk for a while. Don’t take it off until it contours the shape of your feet.

Stretch It With Boot Stretcher

What new hell is this? Well, wait. A boot stretcher is kind of a device that is shaped like your foot. Place it inside your cowboy boots and try to adjust the device by manually expanding it. Do this before you jump into bed and come morning time, you will be ready to enjoy your cowboy boots. Spend a few bucks for this Godsend device that will do all the hard work for ya.

How To Break In Cowboy Boots using boot stretcher
How To Break In Cowboy Boots?
-Use Boot Stretcher

Got Lotion?

Borrow some lotion from your lady and apply it to the interiors of your boot. Keep in mind to focus on the heels and toys. This will make the procedure of how to break-in your leather boots easier than you think. From softening the inside of the boots to preventing any form of damage to the boots and your feet – this technique is easy, cheap, and effective.

Dunk The Bad Boys

Don’t freak out when you read that we are asking you to dip your expensive pair of cowboy boots in water. Undoubtedly, it seems a bit too severe but the result will be in your favor. This popular method has proved to be effective for several before you. Water will loosen the fibers inside the cowboy boots and create space for your feet creating flexibility for your feet to finally hang in there in peace.

  1. Start by filling your bathtub with lukewarm water and place your cowboy boots in them.
  2. Make sure the insides are submerged in water. Using your hands make sure the boots remain in the water and don’t start floating.
  3. Once the insole is slightly wet, pull them out. Put on a pair of socks and to prevent the icky feeling of walking around in wet boots, cover your socks with plastic.
  4. Now, put the boots on and walk around your home until the cowboy boots are dried up or close to drying up.
  5. Use a leather conditioner once you’ve accomplished the task. This will prevent the leather from cracking.
How To Break In Cowboy Boots using simply water
How To Break In Cowboy Boots?
-Use this crazy idea

Protective Band-Aids Can Get The Job Done

Who hasn’t gone through the sorrows that are brought about by blisters? Ugh, the bloody little buggers! When you wear a pair of new cowboy boots, blisters are a given. This is generally caused due to the friction taking place between the pair of boots and your feet.

Why not stop the blisters before they can hurt you and ruin your mood? Use foot tape or band-aids and cover every blister prone region. If you are unaware of the regions that can blister-up, put on your cowboy boots and walk around for a while. Once the band-aids are in place it won’t be so difficult to walk around in them.

How To Break In Cowboy Boots band aid

Accomplish It With Alcohol

Head straight to the wine shop. The key to solving how to break in your cowboy boots lies in softening the leather.  Use wine or alcohol to soften the interiors of your boots. Once the wine evaporates, your boots will be comfortable enough for you.

How To Break In Cowboy Boots?
-Alcohol! Well, now you know

Bend. Twist. Repeat; To Break In Cowboy Boots Easily!

The chemical treatments that cowboy boots go through make them so very rigid. So, how do you loosen up those stiff fibers? Start by wearing your cowboy boots and recognizing the problematic areas. All you have to do now is gently bend the region and twist it. Do this over and over again. This is bound to soften the leather. However, don’t overdo it.

Life will truly feel better in a pair of sexy cowboy boots. Give these hacks a try and your boots will welcome your feet like never before.

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