How to Shrink Leather Boots: 5 PROVED METHODS to Fix your Boots Size

Your boot doesn’t fit? Became oversized? Need to know how to shrink leather boots of yours? We always put emphasis on our appearance. For that, we sometimes end up spending a lot of time choosing the right attire and shoes. Shoes, or in this case, leather shoes, need to fit perfectly and snugly to boost our looks and confidence.

The problem with leather shoes is, they don’t fit all the time perfectly. The pair you tried in the store fit you right, but the same pair is feeling loose once you wear them a couple of days after.

Fortunately, shrinking leather shoes to your feet size is not that difficult. In this article, we are going to discuss five ways on how to shrink leather boots (or how to stretch boots to your size).

5 Ways to shrink your shoe size

  1. Soaking your boots in water
  2. Shrink by using a blow dryer
  3. Using vinegar solution
  4. Using an insole and wear thick socks
  5. Sewing an elastic band

You can try these hacks at home without going to a cobbler. Moreover, you can do it just with some common ingredients you can find. It is important to know that some of these tricks can change your boots permanently.

1. Soak your boots in water:

This old army trick can get the job done! Leather and water repel each other. Using that property, you can adjust the fit of your boots. You have to follow these steps.

  • Take a bucket of water. Put your boots in and fully submerge them in water. If they are not totally submerged, they can shrink unevenly.
  • Soak a thick pair of socks. That will help your boots get to the proper size and cancel the pain you might feel for the shrunk boots.
  • Put on the boots over your wet socks. The boots will start to shrink as soon as you bring them out of the water, so do that as soon as possible.
  • Walk with your boots on and let them dry on your feet.
shrink your boot with water
How to Shrink Leather Boots With Water

2. How to Shrink Leather Boots using a blow dryer

This method also works nicely.

  • Take a water sprinkler or a spray bottle. Spray water on all the leather parts of your boots. Using a sponge or a piece of cloth will also do.
  • Maintain a distance of about five inches to get a good effect. Make sure the boots are equally wet on all parts.
  • Take a blow dryer and dry the boots. Keep the drier six inches away from the boot and blow the heat evenly. Remember, the parts to dry first will shrink the quickest. It is best to start from the loosest parts for an even shrink.
How to Shrink Leather Boots using blow dryer
How to Shrink Leather Boots Using Hair Dryer

3. How to Shrink Leather Boots using vinegar solution

At this point, we’ll discuss how to shrink leather shoes with vinegar. Vinegar is a common ingredient that you can find in almost every home. The most common is white vinegar, but apple cider vinegar also works equally.

  • Use a pair of old socks and put them in a bowl. Pour one cup of vinegar and let them soak completely.
  • Now, put each sock into both shoes. Do not squeeze them inside; just lay them gently inside. Let them dampen the inside and keep them for about 1-2 hours.
  • Take out the socks and put the pair into the sunlight. Let them dry out completely in the sun.
  • Try them on, and if you need them to shrink more, follow the first method using water.

4. Use an insole and wear thick socks:

Thick socks can immensely help to get a snug fit. You can wear thick wool socks or may go in two pairs. The latter can make your feet hot and sweaty, so do it only in winter, or if one pair doesn’t give you ideal results.

  • Using thick socks may not make the boots fit perfectly. In that case, go for an insole. The insole will press your feet closer to the instep and eliminate heel slip significantly.
  • If there’s room between the shoe tip and your feet, use tissue paper and stuff it in the toe cap. These will help you to achieve a better fit.

5. Sew an elastic band:

Sometimes, soaking and drying methods don’t work the way you want them. To handle that, you can use an elastic band. You also need a thick sewing needle. Can’t find an elastic band? Use an elastic strip instead.

  • Take the band or strip and put it in a convenient position on the heel.
  • Use the needle and thread and sew the strip around the edge through the heel. You can apply this method if your boots have thin leather.
  • Otherwise, buy a heel grip and attach it inside of your shoes using an adhesive.

If all that fails…

By now you already know how to shrink leather boots using some easy tricks. But it can be unfortunate that any of these methods did not work on your shoes. In that matter, your best shot is to visit a cobbler and get them fixed. That will definitely work but at the cost of a significant amount.

You need to consider your budget, the cost of the shoes, and repair expenses. If the expense is too much, consider buying a new pair of leather boots.

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