How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes in 6 Easy Ways!

We’re gonna show you the Best Ways To Stretch Your Synthetic Shoes!

How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes
How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes

Everyone enjoys a pair of new shoes but breaking into them is a task that is hard to deal with. From the bunions to the blisters – the pain of stretching your synthetic shoes can be overwhelming. Though every kind of shoe requires some form of getting used to, it’s the synthetic shoes that make this problem way worse. The lack of flexibility or breathability continues to be the major problem for synthetic shoes. Today we will discuss the ways of synthetic shoe stretching. Then you will know how to stretch synthetic shoes.

Understanding Your Feet

Yes, you can be completely aware of your size yet end up with the wrong pair of synthetic shoes. This happens because people have different feet in proportion. Your feet can be wider than your shoe size of you can have muscular ankles. This when combined with the reason that synthetic material is generally rigid and stiff, you end up with uncomfortable shoes. It can cause a lot of pain, not to mention blisters. We strongly recommend that you take into consideration all of these factors before buying synthetic shoes.

1. Start Walking

The best way to break into your new pair of synthetic shoes is by walking in them. Put on a pair of thick socks and wear your shoes. The thickness of the socks will determine how much you wish to stretch your synthetic shoes. You will have to bend and flex your shoes while you’re at it.

2. A Hairdryer Will Get The Job Done

A hairdryer is a good option to stretch synthetic shoes. This is a tried and tested method that is guaranteed to offer outstanding results. In order to do so, you’ll require a pair of socks and a hairdryer (of course!).  Follow these steps and you’ll see how wonderfully your shoes have stretched.

How To Stretch Shoes Using Hairdryer
  • Put on a pair of thick socks. Don’t have thick socks? How about putting on several pairs at the same time?
  • Once you have your pair of socks and shoes on, set your hair dryer to medium temperature.
  • Point your hairdryer in the affected area of your shoes or the front. You have to do this for only 30 seconds. Wriggle your toes inside to expand the material.

Once you have used a hairdryer to expand your shoes, you must walk around in your shoes. If you feel your synthetic shoes haven’t expanded as much as you would like to repeat the procedure.

3. Stuff It

Another way to ensure your synthetic shoes have stretched in size is by stuffing it. This easy trick will expand your shoes and offer your feet the room it needs to feel comfortable. To stretch your synthetic shoes you will need,

  • A jug of water and
  • Newspaper
how To Stretch Your Synthetic Shoes with newspaper
How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes Using Newspaper
  • Crumble up a few newspapers to stuff the area of your synthetic shoes that you wish to stretch.
  • Once you have made the paper balls, moisten them slightly. This will reduce their size. You must keep in mind that you don’t need to soak the newspaper balls in the water. It can cause your shoes to suffer.
  • Place the moistened newspaper balls inside your shoes and allow them to dry naturally. Keep it inside your shoes for a minimum of 5 hours or overnight.
  • Keep in mind to stuff your shoes evenly. This will prevent it from losing its natural shape.

4. The Use Of Alcohol

How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes Using Alcohol

One of the most popular ways of stretching shoes is by using alcohol. Mix alcohol with a small amount of water. Spray this evenly on the interiors and exteriors of your shoes. You must make sure that your shoes don’t get soaking wet. You can create paper balls and stuff them inside your shoes before you spray them with alcohol. Remember the paper you use should be free from ink. Otherwise, it will end up ruining your shoes. Allow your shoes to dry naturally.

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5. Will Freezing Work?

Another remarkable trick to stretch your synthetic shoes is by carefully placing a securely tied plastic bag filled with water inside the shoes. Now place the shoes inside your freezer. As the water starts to freeze, it will expand which in turn will stretch shoes. You can even stuff the front of the shoes with a rolled-up newspaper and then place the water-filled plastic bag inside it.

how To Stretch Your Synthetic Shoes freezing winter boots

6. Shoe Stretchers Are Bound To Get The Job Done

If you’re willing to spend a little money, this is the choice you make. Purchase a good-quality shoe stretcher that will expand the interiors of your shoes with its leadscrew. It works better with a spray.

how To Stretch Synthetic Shoes using shoe stretcher

The worry of never being able to wear your favorite pair of new synthetic shoes is finally over. If you’re tired of the pain and discomfort, then it’s time to stretch them.

These are some of the ways you can expand your synthetic shoes and how stretch leather shoes wider. Give it a try for it’s bound to work. But we always recommend stretching your synthetic shoes in a natural way at first.

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